BIBIF - Min Rolle says Upcoming Conference Will Help Brand Bahamas for Investment

12 November, 2012

BIBIF - Min Rolle says Upcoming Conference Will Help Brand Bahamas for Investment

FREEPORT, Grand Bahama – Minister of State for Investment in the Office of the Prime Minister the Hon. Khaalis Rolle said recently that the upcoming Bahamas International Investment and Business Forum, slated for February 20-21, 2013, on Grand Bahama Island, is the beginning of “really” branding the country as a place to invest.

“We have had a tremendous amount of activity; but we have never really defined who we are as a destination for foreign direct investment and I think that with the help of our colleagues from the Commonwealth Business Council – and all of our stakeholders that are participating in this event – this is really going to help us brand The Bahamas globally,” Minister Rolle said during a visit to Grand Bahama.

Minister Rolle said the Government, The Grand Bahama Port Authority, the Commonwealth Business Council and several members of the country’s business community jointly support the event.

He added that The Bahamas is one of the international destinations that has so many unique features.  For example, he said, Grand Bahama is especially being highlighted in the initiative, especially in terms of the island’s strategic advantages in shipping and logistics.

“There are many people in Europe, many companies, that do not understand what that means to improving the way they do business, in improving their bottom line,” Minister Rolle said.

Minister Rolle pointed out that he has been to Grand Bahama over a dozen times in the past few months, meeting on investment issues, thus showing, he said, the Government’s commitment to investment on the island.

“I told the Minister (of Grand Bahama) that I will be here almost as often as he is to ensure that Grand Bahama remains a priority and we get investors in here of the quality and nature that is going to help this economy turn around in a very short space of time,” Minister Rolle said.

In terms of the upcoming event, Minister Rolle said that his hope for Grand Bahama could be summed up in one word: investments.

“That is the theme of the conference, that is the priority of the conference: to showcase The Bahamas as a destination to invest,” he said.

He pointed out that the Bahamas Government also recently started to look at ways to modernise the approach to encouraging investment.

It is a model that is different from ones used in the past because it is “vertically integrated”, with partners who understand what the success requirements are and they bring “something to the table” that is meaningful and long-term in design, he stated.

Minister Rolle added that there would not be a case of trying to put “pieces” together; rather it would be one piece that comes as a whole that would re-launch tourism and investment in Grand Bahama.

“This conference will underscore that The Bahamas is open for business and there are some unique opportunities associated with doing business in The Bahamas,” Minister Rolle said.  “We need a look at all expandable opportunities.”

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